Aspen Hotspots

The thing about Aspen is that you can wear whatever you want.  Really.  Or at least we do.  But this article is not about fashion. it’s about how to schuck fashion to the wind (or not) with a perfect weekend in Aspen, CO.

By : Brett Nelson

First off, you’ll obviously want to research flights (unless you’re able to fly private) given that the best things in life are not always the easiest to find. Non-stops are now available from Minneapolis, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Home rentals are popular in Aspen, second to costly hotels like The Little Nell, St. Regis, Sky, or The Hotel Jerome.

  Once you’ve arrived, just remember to relax, it’s Aspen! Arrive on a Wednesday and stroll around town for a day of acclimating. Pop in and check out the new, world-class Aspen Art Museum, and get your ski gear dialed for an early morning at Hamilton Sports. Then give Matsuhisa, Jimmy’s All American, or Campo Di Fiori a go for a bachelor style dinner with the lady or a crew of friends. We understand that you’ll probably just want to get loose, but you’ll thank us for giving the 8,000 ft elevation your full attention – without the booze.

  By the time day two rolls around, it’s time to ski one of Aspen’s four mountains. Aspen Mountain, known by the locals as Ajax, is ideal for its convenience. Its steep runs attract intermediate and extreme skiers. Aspen Highlands is another resort for experienced skiers. Buttermilk offers a world-class terrain park that is mostly for novices. Snowmass, about twenty minutes by bus or car from Aspen, offers the most expansive terrain that requires a full day of exploration. If you need some time off the hill, book a full day of private backcountry snowmobiling. It’ll appeal to your sense of adventure and blow off some serious steam.

  Friday night calls for a party, so start it off with dinner at the Caribou Club and be sure to check out Escobar or Bootsy Bellows for nightclubs. Justice Snow is also great for signature cocktails, while Eric’s bar is the go-to for its Cigar Bar, Pool Hall and people watching. For breakfast, consider Hotel Jerome, Bonnies on Ajax, or OverEasy. If shopping is in order, Kemo Sabe western, Gorsuch, Magasin, or Pitkin County Dry Goods are great ways to start checking items off your gift list.

  Since partying is what you may have come here to do, you’d better make a reservation at Cloud 9. Expect an afternoon lunch/apre-ski or dancing on tables all afternoon and spraying Crystal with 100 other strangers (now friends), half-way up the Highlands. Why not stay in for dinner after Cloud 9? Many of Aspen’s restaurants deliver straight to your room or home. After all, you’re on vacation, aren’t you? Take a load off and rest up for skiing, because you’ll need it. You’ve got four more days to go…