DTK's song picks of 2014



2014 was a halt for many in the music industry but also a resurgence for others, with many new notable artists grounding their names (Travis $cott/Schoolboy Q) or slightly skimming the surface of relevancy (Bobby Shmurda/Hozier). Here's our top 25 songs of the year, in no specific order, packed with the biggest bangers and most effective tunes that reflect the past 365 days.

1. Bobby Shmurda - Hot Boy

The hook-less incredibly catchy Jhalil Beats (Jhalil Beats Holla At Me!) caught on fire over summer and managed to become memetic regarding a specific dance, the shmoney dance which can be seen at 2:19. Even more impressive is the dull nature of the video, which recieved an obscene 40 million views AFTER its move to Vevo.

. ILoveMakkonen Ft. Drake - Tuesday

Take a new underground presence from Atlanta and a hiphop heavy weight, get them to sing in falsetto about how they're too popular or busy to party (include a few references to PartyNextDoor and The Weeknd), add one hell of a chorus and an out of focus video and you've got a hit.

. Drake - 0 to 100/The Catch Up

Speaking of Drizzy Drake Rogers, despite last year's Nothing Was The Same album, Drake doesn't sleep. In June we got 0 to 100, the most self absorbed, self boosted, show boating, delirious, serious, personal, name dropping, on point bars by the Toronto superstar. And honestly, we wouldn't want it any other way, keep em coming Drizzy.

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4. The Weeknd - King of The Fall

Declaring his world tour of the same name, The Weekend releases a song by the same name, The King of the fall. Being a reference to a previous song, The Fall, The Weeknd reminds us of his position in the big city amongst his peers and about his extreme life style. All of this with a video that embodies it perfectly by featuring  gorgeous women partying and shots of up and coming Toronto artists.

 5. Hozier - Take me to Church

On september 16th, Irish singer Hozier dropped his first critically acclaimed single Take me to Church, which was followed by the album release on the 19th of September. A song about forbidden love with a woman, and a video that relates the lyrics to a forbidden love of another kind with a subliminal shot at Russia's stance on Homosexuality.

 6. Lorde - Tennis Court (Flume Remix)

Last year you couldn't turn on the radio, youtube or even tv without hearing the name Lorde. Well, Flume made sure this year wouldn't be any different for you (and now with the new Hunger Games movie). A remix of dynamic proportions with a hook that expels you from your current state of mind, this huge face lift on a relatively new song from the 18 year old "edgy" gave a whole new audience and playability for the popular single. Expect Kanye West's rework of Flicker to have an impact similar to this.

 7. Schoolboy Q Ft. BJ The Chicago Kid - Studio

With the heavily delayed, highly anticipated album Oxymoron, Schoolboy struggled to get a release date on his 3rd public release yet we managed to get a release date, Febuary 25th. The mixed reviews of the album were all over the place, however the singles and previously leaked songs were welcomed. Gangsta was the most anticipated song, but the real stand out single here was probably the common TDE colborator BJ the Chicago kid assisted, Studio. With a soft hook and banger trap influenced beat by Swift D that could fit almost any situation, despite the very graphic lyrics by Groovy Q,  this song is the musician's true love story

. Raury - God's Whisper

Atlanta hasn't seen such a good year since the days of Jeezy and T.I. Up-and-comer Raury dropped a video accompanied ballad of sorts, God's Whisper. A rebellious, somewhat silly reminder to a third party that doubts or critics Raury and his peers' abilities, trajectory and activities. The video's quality itself is so above expectations from an up and comer that the song itself becomes unlistenable without watching the video. We hope to see more from that singer/rapper.

 9. Chat Faker - Talk is Cheap

The multi instrumentalist, Chet Faker, has his break out via Downtown Records thanks to his phenomenal video and single "Talk is Cheap" in the first quarter of the year. With the tides changing in the electronic and R&B department, Chet Faker had no problem taking control of the new sounds.

10. Big K.R.I.T - Mt. Olympus

When rappers don't receive the credit or proper appraisal they deserve, they can act in  a rash and abrasive manner. The best and the worst comes from a rapper that doesn't "get his". In the case of Krit, we got a banger by the name of Mt. Olympus, a personal yet deep cutting single (which is somehow a bonus track on the album, and to add to the insult, reworked). I mean this hook, Got damn.

 11. Wiz Khalifa - We Dem Boys

Wiz's take over of the mainstream side of hiphop continues with the very infectious and very popular We Dem Boyz. Dropped at the proper time to get the whole club singing "We Dem Boys", Wiz was the name in 2014.

[Editor's personal note: We prefer the remix]


 12. Sam Smith - Stay with me

In April we got an unexpected solo effort from the already popular British singer, Sam Smith, Stay with me. The song would turn into one of the most popular, if not the most popular tune of 2014. Although the content of the lyrics themselves are iffy and rather questionable, everyone was singing along to this tune, in their cars, at work, at home, where ever they pleased.

 13. Flying Lotus Ft. Kendrick Lamar - Never Catch Me

After a lacklustre album from Fly Lo in 2012, we got "You're Dead" this year. "You're Dead" took everything that Flying Lotus did previously and packaged it as his near ultimate sound. The standout single on body of work was the-none-other-than-assisted-by-Kendrick-Lamar single "Never Catch Me". Kendrick delivers bar after bar in his higher register we are now accustom to and Fly sets the samples on fire. Plus Thundercat includes some sweet licks of bass here and there. Flying Lotus delivers a controversial video going along with the theme of death and afterlife of the album.


 14. FKA Twigs - Two Weeks

In 2013 we were introduced to FKA Twigs. What now appears to have become a cult following of an aesthetically awkward and questionably talented British artist gave way to anticipation for her full length album along with a single; Two Weeks. Accompanied by a very pretty yet dull video, the chorus rings through our heads as "Higher than a mother f*****, dreaming of you as my lover" is repeated in Soprano.

 15. Travis $cott Ft. Big Sean & The 1975 - Don't Play

Travis $cott bounced back from a very rushed and poorly received Owl Pharaoh with Days Before Rodeo, which is apparently a prequel project to his debut album "Rodeo". The first song released to the public was the hellish, sample and bass heavy "Don't Play" featuring Big Sean. La Flame delivers his typical distorted auto-tuned vocals and unique flow along a show stealing Big Sean (in the video as well). The real star here is the beat, a collaboration between 5 different producers including Kanye West.