Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

 If you like watching funny people talk, then this is definitely the show for you

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is exactly what it sounds like, and that’s a good thing. The comedic web series was created and is hosted by Jerry Seinfeld. The series premiered in 2012 on Crackle, a company hosting original tv-quality content exclusively for the web,  and is still going strong today, with 5 seasons and 29 episodes.

The premise of the show is a conversation between two comedians. It has Jerry Seinfeld introducing a vintage car at the beginning of each episode, then proceeding to pickup his guest comedian for the show, and take them out for a coffee. The result, as you would imagine, is some very interesting and funny dialogues between the two comics. The show has featured comedians like Louis CK, Ricky Gervais, Kevin Hart and Amy Schumer.