Philippe Starck Makes Cycling A Fashion Statement

The Eurobike exhibit in Germany is proving to be a giant leap for the future of cycling.


Designer Philippe Starck unveiled a collection of MASS bicycles and associated gear, and it looks great. All the electric bikes run on a lithium ion battery and are designed and manufactured in France by Starck's company Moustache Bikes. MASS is an acronym for Mud, Asphalt, Snow and Sand, the four terrains each bike is specifically tailored to.

The Mud bike caters to off-road explorers, and features a Shimano XTR break system and a dual suspension frame. The Asphalt model is for the city cyclist, and comes in 25 and 45 kph options. For the desert dweller, the Sand bicycle features bigger tyres for better traction and storage pockets to protect gear. Finally, for those who live in the colder climates, the Snow cycle it fitted with a mono-arm fork to reduce snow build up and a fur encasing the frame for temperature regulation. 

To top it all off, each model comes with a helmet, gloves and glasses tailored to the specific needs of the cyclist. Check out the amazing gear in the gallery below!