Top 5 Luxurious Living Spaces

These beautiful homes will make your jaw drop, repeatedly.

1. The Chameleon Villa

This gorgeous modern home located in Mallorca, Spain is perched atop a hill overseeing Son Vida. The design blends minimalist architecture with the decor of a high end night club. The Villa has 3 living quarters, the main home, a fitness centre, and a guest house. Complete with its own helicopter pad and outdoor spa/pool, the Chameleon Villa space is a dream for anyone who appreciates elegance and finesse.

2. The New York Penthouse

This penthouse is an absolute gem in the big apple. It's a duplex with 6 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. It features a game centre, a theatre room, cigar lounge, a gym and spa, private art and sculpture collection, a recording studio a wine cellar and a waterfall. Located on the upper east side, the penthouse is the finest New York has to offer.

3. The Palace of Versailles

No, we are not talking about the royal ch√Ęteau located in France, we are talking about the one in Florida. Just the size of the place is ridiculous, it has 30 bedrooms and 23 bathrooms. It features a roller skating arena, 3 olympic sized pools, a 20 car garage, a ball room, theatre room, 2 tennis courts, a full royal garden, multiple waterfalls, a boat house, a tea house and much more. No expense was spared when building this palace, it's truly fit for a king.

4. The Manalapan Residence

This might just be the ultimate beach house. The ocean facing residence stands 3 storeys tall and boasts 14 bedrooms and 32 bathrooms. The Manalapan has a movie theatre, tennis court, a go kart track, a shark tank, a gym and a wet bar. Also, it has a casino, just incase you need to gamble more of that money.

5. The Antilla

The Antilla is the most expensive house ever built, costing over $1 Billion, now that is impressive. Located in Mumbai, the skyscraper home stands 27 storeys high, with every floor using different materials and unique specifications. It has a 6 level parking garage, 3 helicopter pads and requires upwards of 500 staff members to maintain it. The staircases have silver railings, and the ceilings have crystal chandeliers. There is a grand ballroom, multiple entertainment centres, a health centre and literally anything else you would imagine a billion dollar home to have. When it comes to luxury, The Antilla is second to none.